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Mission Improvement - GED Classes

Free GED Classes for Thurston County, Washington. Classes now Available to all!

Combine Fund Drive Donation Code for Mission Improvement: 1482057

Present - GED Classroom for men and women, ages 16 and older. 


3335 Martin Way East, Olympia, Washington, 98506. - Merritt Manor Apartments. Classes on 2nd floor next to elevator.

Class Schedule: Monday 1:00 pm - Wednesday 1:00 - Friday 1:00 pm.

Call 360-451-8448 - Contact Mr. Hines.

[email protected]

[email protected]

You can support Mission Improvement by shopping at amazon smile; Go to


Secretary of State for Washington charities 360-725-0378

Secretary of State: No. 7882

UBI # 601 870 356

EIN # 91-1919353

Duns ID # 961856320       

Mail donation to:

Mission Improvement

P.O. Box 6235 

Olympia, WA. 98507

Mission Improvement, a non-profit 501 c 3 tax deductible charity in Washington State. Our mission is to provide men and women the opportunity to finish their educational requirements through the GED studies. We teach/tutor basic learning, and help incorporate these learning skills into daily living. 

Your donations assist with GED supplies and testing. - Each subject requires financial assistance for testing. There are five subjects. - Reading, Writing, Science, Social Study, and Math. Individuals need to be dedicated to all five GED studies. Mission Improvement makes great effort assisting every student. Moreover, we need help with supplies and test payments. Please make a donation. Thank you for your support. Any size donation. Donations are tax deductible.

Help us keep GED programs active. Many agencies in Washington State have dropped out of circulation. Mission Improvement's objective is to give second chances to men and women seeking their education.

Living without an Education.

Mission Improvement GED housing and educational facility for the homeless.

Future Project.

Our goal is to build the facility in the picture above in the future. This facility will provide men and women an opportunity to stay for an allotted timeframe, with teachers, cooks, local volunteers, and staff. The facility includes living quarters, TV room, laundry room, leisure room, game-room, cafeteria, auditorium that provides entertainment, orientation, graduation ceremony, stage plays and performances, and other outreach programs.

Dropping out of school is becoming a huge problem to our society, and Mission Improvement has a solution to get them back on track. We encourage those who are continuing with their studies to complete their educational prerequisites.

The facility is needed. There are many GED businesses closing in the State of Washington and Mission Improvement wants to provide men and women with room and board, three meals a day, plus snacks - five-classrooms for the GED prerequisites, and college level credits to transfer to local colleges. When staying at the facility to complete their GED, students will receive dental care, eye care, medical, counseling, employment responsibilities, and other self-help programs in the community.

Our respect for education is mainly about the younger generations. They are our real concerns. Let's get the adult population back into the mainstream of learning so our children will have a better chance at furthering the expectation of generations yet to come. They are the future! Let's help the men and women that are ready for a second chance. It will be very rewarding. Mission Improvement wants the adult population be the role model they were designed to be, by getting back into the mainstream of the society and become productive members. This is a win-win situation.

We are our brothers' and sisters' keeper.

The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

Thank you, for your Support!